Customer praise for Colvin’s Animal Damage Control from Facebook,  Angie’s List and direct communications:

Thanks to Steve for coming so quickly and helping us with our wildlife issue. You really are the “Skunk Whisperer!” It was amazing how you just quietly talked to it while you slowly walked up and covered the Have-A-Heart cage.

Sally Murphy, Facebook

These guys cleared the birds and debris out from our attic and bird proofed all of our vents. Friendly service and a very reasonable price. Thanks!

Brian Foster, Facebook

I found Colvin’s Animal Damage Control’s information in the Yellow Pages when trying to find someone to remove the bird that was in my range hood duct and who worked on a Saturday.

Patricia Morgan Heidlebaugh, Facebook

I found Colvin’s Animal Damage Control’s information in the Yellow Pages when trying to find someone to remove the bird that was in my range hood duct and who worked on a Saturday.

I called the number listed (Steve’s cell phone number) and he confirmed he could perform the services, how long he would take to get to my house, and made sure I was aware of his service call charge up front.

He arrived when he said he would, safely and humanely (and quickly) removed the bird and sent it on its way, and at no additional charge he installed a grill where the exhaust duct exits to the outside so as to prevent any creatures getting in there in the future.

I found Steve to be very professional, very courteous and friendly, efficient, and well worth the very reasonable fee.

Angie’s List Customer


When I called Steve for an estimate to rid my attic of bats, he came immediately, evaluated the situation, and returned the following day. Steve took a great deal of care with my home and handled the humane removal of the bats efficiently and professionally. His cost was exceptionally reasonable, and I would definitely hire him again.

Gamble Bowns McCown


I had been hearing noises in my attic and assumed a squirrel had entered somehow. I called Colvin’s animal control and he showed up as promised. Upon arrival he noticed one loose piece of soffit and said that judging by the size of the opening…I probably had a racoon..not a squirrel. I was skeptical. He assured me he would remove whatever it was.

I told him it was difficult to access my attic as it is just trusses and insulation. He told me he was used to that…he went up to the attic…came down within minutes and told me the intruder was indeed a raccoon…he saw it.
He said he would try to catch it and would leave baited traps if he could not. Steve went up with the traps and while I was inside getting my camera, he was down, with a racoon in a cage.

He left a few traps in case there is anymore “family” up there and will be back to collect his traps and repair the opening. What a refreshingly competent and fairly priced professional, I would readily refer anyone with a “critter” problem to Colvin’s.

Bob, Lake Monticello VA


Thank you so much for finding and capturing the source of the terrible pecking, scratching, and fluttering sound, which we could hear all the way from our kitchen to our upstairs bedroom. I felt terrible knowing that a live animal was doomed to die in our house. When you caught the starling and it flew away, I was so relieved.

You permanently and safely covered the entry point for those birds, so we won’t have to worry about their getting into our exhaust vent ever again! You are amazing! I do believe you got the entire job done within an hour, and here we were worrying about it for over two days (before we finally called you)! Thank you for being so prompt yesterday (Sunday) and for keeping in touch with us while you finished your other jobs and drove to our house. I was impressed by your immediate response.

Once again, thank you for providing a swift and happy ending to our bird dilemma. You were rapid, efficient, and humane. I hope we never have another problem with a pest, but if we do we will call you.

Leslie and Bruce Rittenberg, Charlottesville VA


Steve Colvin is the man to use for animal control! He so expertly removed the 3 beavers from my pond and cleared the outflow pipe. I decided to pay him more than he quoted for the pipe clearing. No one else would have thought of the cleaver techniques that he used to clear the debris packed pipes. The beavers had shoved stones, clumps of grass, roots, water plants, sticks, leaves and mud 25 feet down the pipe to where it comes to an elbow under the dam. He was diligent and never gave up. It was a very difficult process.

He did an incredible job all around.

Happy customer, Ruckersville VA


The scratching sounds from the attic were getting worse. The kids were losing sleep, and didn’t even want to play in their rooms anymore. But just days after calling Colvin’s Animal Damage Control, life was back to normal. Steve Colvin was quick, thorough and very professional in handling the problem. Always with a smile and calm demeanor, he diagnosed the problem, trapped several squirrels in succession, and patched the entry. We really appreciated how he kept us informed throughout the process, and we highly recommend Steve Colvin and his local business to anyone having nuisance animal problems.

Greg, Gordonsville VA


Thank you so much for helping with our animal problem.  You were prompt, courteous and efficient.  I seriously hope I don’t EVER have to call you again, but if I need a problem solver, I will.

Doris, Crozet VA


We called Steve during the New Years Holiday weekend. We could not get anyone else to come help us because of the Holiday. Our newly adopted hound, Enzo, ran off after only a few days at home and he had now been roaming for 3 days. He never went far from home but he was very shy and we could not catch him. We were worried because the weather was turning very cold and he was in unfamiliar territory, hungry and scared.

Steve arrived the day we called and set up the trap to catch Enzo without hurting him. We were very appreciative of the advice that Steve gave us on being patient and how to attract our escapee to the cage. That night, we checked the cage before going to bed and we were so happy to see Enzo in the cage safe and sound. We were so excited that we called Steve late at night to tell him the good news! How fortunate we feel to have found Steve and grateful we are to have him respond so quickly. It turned in the low 20s that night and Enzo surely would have been in trouble had he spent another night in the weather. Thank you so much Steve and we will certainly recommend your service.

Dawn, Culpeper VA